Fluid, optimistic and eager to talk about new ideas? That would be me. My background as a curious and boundless young prince in a small town somewhere within the hills of Ira-Ikeji Ile, Osun State, did sow in me a seed of appreciation for art and of people, without the distractions of the bar beach, the then-popular zoo at UI and all of the things I later got to hear kids speak about when I got to boarding school. Apart from TV as a daily connection to the “real world”, we had the Tribune newspaper delivered every morning, which later changed to the Punch, and then the Nation, while I keenly observed what caused what. Talk about an earlier curiosity about brands and ever-changing customer preferences. I would spend a lot of time surfing through my dad’s stack of old papers and in our ‘room of books’, only that I read the covers more than the contents. Then there were the unending souvenirs of almanacs from his commercial bankers and all of this would inspire my early-on interest in design and brands. I didn’t know the terms “brand identity”, “brand personality” or any of those but then the Nation was always a different experience from Chief Awolowo’s Tribune and like 7Up, the difference was clear. There was a personality to these things and indeed there was the beginning of something great.

I will continue this story when I put together my first autobiography. 2034, aged 40; life and all things being equal.

Meanwhile if you are looking for something to put in an event brochure;

Victor Fatanmi is the Art Director and Co-founder at FourthCanvas—a brand consulting and design agency that partners with good businesses to build great brands.

With a number of key responsibilities over the past 5 years that include directing graphics design on highly-renowned and successful presidential election media campaigns in Nigeria and Ghana, Victor Fatanmi readily comes with a wealth of experience in the creative sector.

He has also led on visual communication on a number of groundbreaking online media campaigns including the StopEbola (2014) and several other major brand identity projects for businesses in Nigeria and around the world.

Victor believes that a product, no matter how great it is of value, stands a better chance if looks different and people are attracted to it in the first place. This reflects in his knack for creating compelling identities that strengthening the image of brands in the minds of people.

Prior to co-founding the agency FourthCanvas, he worked as graphic designer at the inception of the unconventional Rele Gallery, and was art director at Red Media Africa.

With a flair for excellence, Victor Fatanmi has supported over 100 young and upwardly mobile graphic designers using different platforms through training in the art and craft of graphic design, as well as hands-on mentoring, via the YesOrWow in conjunction with the Future Project, as well as the recently-launched Victor Fatanmi Design Network

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