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I grew up to be different. Well, that may be quite a proud way to put it but then I have always questioned things all my life. I wanted to know why this was this and that was not. We were not rich, but then if anyone who grew up in the same village of Ira-Ikeji Ile at the same time that I did should get to read this, it might be quite infuriating. We were the royal family and truly, we were relatively rich. The real goodness we enjoyed however is we had the privileges that came with royal honour, not money. The former sometimes come greater and those years were truly a good time. Making your way alongside Dad and mum, guided by ushers, through a crowd of millions to a reserved seat somewhere around the front rows of the RCCG Camp was really not a small experience.

The privileges I had created a wonderful platform for my innate curiosity and it has brought me this far, the desire to understand rather than follow, to choose my way not because you did or an uncle thinks its safer. I have spent the slightly-over-two decades of life in a way I have no slightest regret about.

I have had joy. I have trailed paths that others shivered at while I kept my calm. I have lived a life guided by the truth that nothing surpasses excellence. I have learnt not to go after success. I am deeply certain, more than I am about my faith, that if you do the best at something or be the best, nothing can stop you.

Today, having dropped out of college, I am an entrepreneur with great teams I am daily excited to be with, and with great clients, working daily, building and doing big things.

Legs of Nifemi Akinwamide, Timilehin (Blaze) and Segun Oroyo, at the then VGC office in Ikeja.

I look ahead to a further happy life, where I am able to do the same things I do now, in bigger terms. And I mean it — the same things. I feel fulfilled everyday. And that is what I want everyday — doing things, solving problems, making things beautiful and wonderful, creating impact and bringing smiles to faces and to mine.

I look forward to a wonderful marriage with (I put someone’s name here in the original article but well…), kids and family.

I look forward to growing the design agency (where I am CEO and co-founder with Bolaji) to the biggest creative agency in the world. And trust me, this goes beyond fulfilling the mantra of “aspire to 100, and achieve 60”.

I look forward to bigger moments.
Excellence — Impact — Joy — Love — Peace — Money.

Its really not complicated, trust me.

(I wrote this article on January 8, 2016. I am of course no longer 22).

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