Briefly on: Sound and animation in brand identity

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With bandwidth limits out of the way, brands now have more elements to deploy towards registering their distinction in the minds of people. According to Blake Deutsch, websites without sound are starting to sound naked. Sounds create a signature mood that can be connected with the presence of a brand over time.

From Mac’s startup sound to the sounds that accompany MTN’s Everywhere You Go and the one we all remember — the unmistakable tone when you power up that old Nokia 3310. Sound heightens the brain’s speed of recall.

On the other hand, animations are becoming a must-have in the starter pack. Their effectiveness is linked to how we think and imagine things — in motion. The logo will register an image in the minds of people and that could be a whole film of imagination with an animation of it.

Think of Minimee and those bored-then-excited characters come to mind. Then the one we all remember — that fierce Leo the lion on the opening frame of MGM’s movies. Yeah I got you now.

The logo remains king, but these queens (of sound, animation and so much more that we can think of and explore) raise the bar.

(I wrote this article on May 5, 2018).

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